English classes and professional coaching

If your profession requires you to speak or generally communicate in English, Macte Animo can help you to improve. During any sessions, we can offer you the following group or individual services, but these can also be customised to your requirements:

  • Simulation of professional andor personal conversation scenarios
  • Commenting on current news, foreign events and other general topics
  • How to present yourself, company andor services in English
  • Preparation and correction of written or visual presentations
  • Preparation and correction of emails, letters and other documents
  • English grammar and comparison with French grammar
  • Preparation and correction of CVs (resumes), cover letters and other professional documents
  • Enrichment of vocabulary, common usage and colloquialisms
  • Correction of pronunciation, spelling and grammar by language variant(s).
  • Common cultural variants and how to avoid embarrassing mistakes
  • Use of idiomatic UK and US English, common slang terms and Scottish language colloquialisms
  • Key differences between US and UK English

Macte Animo offers a free exploratory hour (by phone, SkypeFaceTime or in person) both to get to know you and better establish your needs and level of existing English skills. At the end of this initial meeting, we will make you a formal proposal based on your needs. Our services are offered in American andor British English.We also offer training course that are eligible for CPF (Professional Training Contract reimbursement) through a training organisation.

Each meeting with the Macte Animo team will be in person or remotely via Skype, FaceTime or other popular (macOS compatible) tool of your choice.

We also periodically offer free early morning conversation classes at the La Ruche co-working space in Saint Nazaire. La Ruche is at 25, rue de l’étoile du matin near the Oceanis roundabout. You can see the dates and times of these free courses on our blog or at La Ruche.